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Seeing Auras

aura of a hand

aura of a hand

It is much easier to see an aura than you might imagine, whether it belongs to you or someone else.  Usually it only takes people a couple of minutes to start to detect an aura.  Once you start to see something, you are then on the way to seeing much more detail.

There are 2 ways that we are able to see the aura of someone else, or another living creature such as a pet.  The first way is by using your eyes.  The second way is by using your minds eye.

But you must BELIEVE in what you are doing! Your conscious mind will automatically tell you that you can see nothing because that is what has been programmed in.  You must retrain your conscious mind to accept what you are really seeing.  To do this you must Believe.

Minds Eye

It doesn’t matter which method you use as there is no right of wrong way to see an aura.  If you have impaired vision then you may find it difficult to see someone’s aura with your eyes, so it may be worthwhile using your minds eye.

Sometimes when you remember a special event and it feels like you are not really aware of your current surroundings anymore because you are reliving your memories.  This is happening with your minds eye.  This is what it feels like.

What you need to do is take a good look at the person or thing whose aura you want to study.  Keep their image in your mind, then look away.  Remember that image.  You may just see a silhouette or you may see it in plenty of detail, as everyones mind works in different ways. Can you see an aura?  Makes notes/drawings about what you have seen, so you can compare with the next time you do this exercise.   Believe. Keep practicing until it is second nature to use your mind’s eye to see auras, but I cannot stress this enough, you must Believe.


Place yourself in a fairly dim room.  Bright sunlight or artificial light may be brighter than the aura so making it harder to see.

Place one of your hands close to a natural background – look at it.  At first the aura may appear as a 1cm thick pearly grey/white border around your hands.  When you continue to look at it, it may disappear.  This is natural when looking at it directly.  Try focusing your eyes either in the centre of your hand or to one side.  Or even looking beyond your hand (what people call ‘looking in the distance’).

It may take a couple of minutes for the aura to become visible but this will get quicker the more practice you have.  Also with practice you will begin to see the colour around your hands.  But do not dispair if it does not happen that quick.  It just means that your eyes are taking slightly longer to develop this new vision or your conscious mind is still preventing your from seeing the colour.  Believe!

Next article – Feeling Auras.  So get practicing….


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