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Clairvoyant Reader

This is a relative new comer to the web, but has some interesting information




Professional Psychic

Psychic readings from Meryem will empower you seek about future events.
Get information you need in order to make right decision



Develop your mind with:

Binaural Healing


Finding Faith

Welcome to the website for the faith lifts.  Here you will find collection of poems, photographs, and music CD which will speak to the soul, lift the spirit and bring hope to the heart.


 The Living Sacred

Healing for people on spiritual issues that have various physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms.    Coaching people to find direction in their lives and to achieve their dreams. Teaching people how to heal and develop themselves through spiritual and shamanic tools and teachings.





About Author

Since a very early age I have been interested in anything spiritual. First of all it was spirits (ghosts), as most children are curious about these anyway. I was fascinated. So needless to say, from the age of 8 years old I have been investigating, practicing and playing with all things spiritual. Yes, I did say playing, because although I do not suggest messing around with things in the astral planes, there are still many fun things you can do and develop at the same time. More of that in my future posts. As I am now in my early 40’s, you could say I have many years experience, although I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on any one subject. Just a life long student of learning. Have fun and if you want to contact me just click on contact me and complete the form. I will then get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Love and Peace to you all Lisa