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Control Your Emotions

This is my all time favorite, both for you and also for children.  This not only teaches us and them how to control and work with our natural emotions it also teaches them ‘to be in control’ of any situation.

We all get situations where someone or something is really winding up us.  We feel our heart rate get faster, we have these verbal retorts flying round our minds and sometimes out of our mouths.  It seems like a natural reaction, but can you imagine the power you would feel in yourself, if you could learn to control those feelings and emotions.  Control that raging heart rate. Lets  face it, it is not just children that experience this type of scenario is it?

For our childrens benefit: we all say  “if you are called you a bad name, just walk away, turn the other cheek, take no notice”  But we all know these simple things can be very hard to do in the heat of the moment.  You feel stupid, you feel small, you feel inferior.  So their heart races, their emotions take control and everything gets out of hand.  The next thing you know is you all called to the Head Teachers office for a meeting on your child’s behavior.  Or you may get a parent knocking on your door demanding an explanation why your child hit their child.

But lets not forget that with the current crime and drug rate the repercussions in any situation could actually, in certain circumstances, be much more severe.

For our benefit.  In my house at the time of writing this post, it is the school holidays.  I have 3 children ranging in age from 16 to 3.  They all have friends round and usually overlap. This means many youngsters talking, dancing, playing hide and seek, arguing and playing music, to name but a few activities.  Now you get the general feel of my household during school holidays.  The busiest day this week the total head count was 16  (this does not include the 3 dogs, 1 goldfish and 4 chicks). Household chores still need to be done.  Can you feed your own children and ignore the rest – I can’t!  It is just as well the store had a ‘buy one and get one free’ on Hot-Dogs this week.

I feel  relaxed with the situation.  Don’t get me wrong,  I am not the type of mum that lets the children run riot. Everything is under control.  When I say stop, they stop.  When I say quieten down, they quieten down.  It is extremely rare that I loose it. In actual fact, I very rarely ‘loose it’.  I very rarely, if ever, raise my voice.

I have heard parents screech at their children.  Then in turn I have heard those same children screech at each other.  The cycle continues.  Isn’t it about time that  continuing circle of behavior came to an end.

What adults and children alike need, is to be able to harness their emotions.  To control these strong feelings that rise up from the pit of their stomach.  To know that you can beat it.  That you are in command.

How cool would that be.  In a few seconds you could switch from tears to laughter.  From anger to peace.  From high excitement to tranquility.   You really can learn to  harness some of the most powerful tools your body and mind possess – your emotions.  All it takes is a lot of  fun and play.  How hard can that be.


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Since a very early age I have been interested in anything spiritual. First of all it was spirits (ghosts), as most children are curious about these anyway. I was fascinated. So needless to say, from the age of 8 years old I have been investigating, practicing and playing with all things spiritual. Yes, I did say playing, because although I do not suggest messing around with things in the astral planes, there are still many fun things you can do and develop at the same time. More of that in my future posts. As I am now in my early 40’s, you could say I have many years experience, although I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on any one subject. Just a life long student of learning. Have fun and if you want to contact me just click on contact me and complete the form. I will then get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Love and Peace to you all Lisa