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Swadhisthana is Sanskrit for ‘sweetness’.  The Sacral Chakra is the seat of pleasure, and of taste in its broadest sense – not just food, but clothes, music, design and colour.  It is all about attraction and, in particular, sexuality (sexual identity and pleasure rather than the primal sexuality of the root chakra).  The Sacral Chakra is also the centre for our emotions. Please read up on chakra healing, it is very important that all chakras are fully operational.

The Sacral Chakra is the most feminine of the seven chakras.  It is profoundly connected with fertility and is ruled by the moon, which pulls not only the seas and oceans, but the water within our own bodies.  A balanced Sacral Chakra is often characterized by physical fluidity and grace.

The Sacral Chakra is represented by a lotus with six orange petals surrounding a white circle – which indicates water – and a light blue crescent moon.   The Sacral Chakra governs bodily fluids, emotions and sexuality.  They ebb and flow, drawn like tides by the moon.

The Sacral Chakra is situated in the lower abdomen between your navel and genitals.  It governs your spleen, reproductive organs (testes and ovaries), kidneys and bladder, and all your bodily fluids, including blood, saliva, seminal fluid, and lymph.  Our bodies are mostly fluid – we are about 75 per cent water – and water therapies are the most effective way of balancing the Sacral Chakra.

Good sacral-chakra balance is characterized by physical grace, whereas lack of balance results in physical awkwardness or lack of co-ordination.  Teenage boys, coming to terms with their emotions and sexuality, typically have unbalanced Sacral Chakras.

As well as being graceful, people with a balanced Sacral Chakra tend to be friendly, open and trusting, in touch with their feelings and able to express them, willing to see the positive rather than the negative, and able to turn problems into challenges.  An out-of-balance Sacral Chakra brings about guilt, self-pity, manipulative behaviour and envy.  If your Sacral Chakra is too open, you may forget your own needs, and occupy yourself so much with the needs of others that you end up feeling like a martyr.  Lack of balance in the Sacral Chakra can also give rise to sexual problems, jealousy and obsession – sexuality is at the heart of the Sacral Chakra.

It is sexual awareness – rather than primal sex drive, – that characterizes the Sacral Chakra.  It guides our sexual identity, our ability to bond with a partner and to take pleasure in our sexuality.  When in balance, the Sacral Chakra can give us profound sexual and emotional happiness.  When out of balance, all kinds of problems can arise.  If you have a closed or blocked Sacral Chakra, you can become obsessed with sex or your own sexuality, and have total disregard for partners.  You may see sex as a purely physical, hedonistic act, devoid of emotion.  At the other extreme you may become frigid or impotent.  Sexual abuse is a common cause of a closed second chakra.  It is worth reflecting, perhaps, that the word ‘sacra’ comes from the same root as ‘sacred’.  Sex is not meant o be a casual, meaningless event, but nor is it meant to induce guilt.  Rather, with openness and empathy, it is something that brings great joy and pleasure.


An article in one of our National Newspapers made me smile the other day.  When we need an answer to a question, how do we receive an answer.  Is it by analyzing the situation over and over again?  Is it by following your gut instinct? Or asking for spiritual intervention?

From a personal point of view I tend to do two things.  Whilst I do listen to my gut instinct, I also ask a question before I go to sleep and more often than not I have receive an answer to that dilemma. Which just backs up my gut instinct.

Just for your information and enjoyment I have reproduced the article here for you to read.


“Got to make a big decision?  Just trust your basic instinct

Instinct may be more reliable than the conscious brain at making decisions, says a psychologist.

A study has found evidence that most hunches are based on memories that lie just below the surface of the conscious brain.

Professor Ken Paller, a psychologist who discovered the phenomenon answer on a test. at North Western University, Illinois, said: ‘Unconscious memory may come into play, for example, in recognizing the perpetrator of a crime or the correct

‘I suggest that we need to develop our intuitive nature and creativity.   Intuition may have an important role in finding answers to all sorts of problems in everyday life – including big ones such as our ailing economy.’


When you think that these institutes are funded to carry out this research, sometimes for years on end, just to reach the conclusion that we should all ‘follow our gut instinct‘, is totally beyond me.  When are people going to realize that there is truth in these old age sayings and we do not need to spend out sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars reaching it.  But I suppose it keeps them busy.

Maybe the answers are given by memories that lie just below the surface of the conscious,  which to my understanding is the sub-conscious, but then again authorities do not like using that name because it automatically makes people think of the paranormal.

For those of us who do believe in the power of the sub-conscious mind, whether it be as a great big memory bank or as a gateway to our higher self – all you need to do is ask a question and one way or another it will be answered.  Whether it be by dream or ‘gut instinct -‘ it is usually the correct one.  Of course, it is your own personal decision whether you follow instinct or not.


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